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Get rid of months of dust and grime stuck on your balcony floors with our affordable balcony detailing package.

Condo Balcony
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We clean condo balconies

Balcony Floors

Get rid of months of dust and grime stuck on your balcony floors. Outdoor floors are more porous than other types of flooring and can absorb spills. They're also very prone to collecting construction and traffic dust and dirt. We use specialized commercial equipment that gets to all the dirt, while collecting excess dirty water at the same time, leaving behind a dry, squeaky clean balcony floor.

Balcony Windows & Doors

All condo owners and tenants are responsible for windows and door panels that are within reach. We do offer balcony window exterior cleaning. Let the light shine in. Crystal clear windows brighten up your condo. You’ll be amazed by the difference!

From windows to railings, from sills to wiping down your neglected outdoor furniture, we offer a balcony cleaning package that is affordable and peace of mind.

* Our cleaning method complies by all condo by-laws.

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Spider Proofing

Claim back your balcony

With an increase in the number of mosquitos, midges and other insects, also comes a number of spiders. Not only our specialists will clean the nasty cobwebs that are calling your balcony home, we also spider-proof your space, so the centipedes are discouraged to come back.

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BBQ Cleaning
New Service

BBQ Cleaning

We now offer BBQ cleaning. Let us bring your BBQ to its previous glory without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals. Last time you saw your BBQ that shiny, it was sitting on a store shelf.

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Cleaned Balcony

What is included?

Our bundled balcony cleaning and detailing package includes.

  • Balcony Floor Cleaning

  • Balcony Window and Door Washing (includes screen doors)

  • Window Sill, Vents, Cladding, Tracks, Railing

  • Wiping down of any Outdoor Furniture

  • BBQ Cleaning (Extra)

  • Spider-Proofing (Extra)

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