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Environmentally Friendly Balcony Cleaning


We clean condo balconies

Get rid of months of dust and grime stuck on your balcony floors. Outdoor floors are more porous than other types of flooring and can absorb spills. We use specialized commercial equipment that gets to all the dirt, while collecting excess dirty water at the same time, leaving behind a dry, squeaky clean balcony floor.

Furniture Cleaning: All your outdoor furniture cleaning is included in our Balcony Cleaning package.

Our cleaning method complies by all condo by-laws.

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Balcony Window Cleaning

All condo owners and tenants are responsible for windows and door panels that are within reach. We do offer balcony window exterior cleaning. Let the light shine in. Crystal clear windows brighten up your condo. You’ll be amazed by the difference!

We are fully insured!


BBQ Cleaning

We now offer BBQ cleaning. Let us bring your BBQ to its previous glory without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals. Our favorite and only tool is a commercial steamer. Last time you saw your BBQ that shiny, it was sitting on a store shelf.

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Our full service list

  • Balcony Floor Cleaning
  • Balcony Window and Door Cleaning
  • Outdoor Furniture Cleaning
  • BBQ Cleaning

The cost of this intensive 3 month course is 1250 Euros. It includes all necessary materials and access to cutting edge hardware and software.

Love your balcony

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