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We specialize in reviving neglected condo balconies. From detailed balcony cleaning that abides by your condo rules, to balcony flooring and tiling, claim your balcony back and extend your living space.


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Deep Balcony Cleaning

Detailed Balcony Cleaning

Let the Balcony Cleaners deep clean your condo balcony or terrace. Using specialized commercial equipment that abides by your condo rules, you get a squeaky clean balcony without the mess. We offer an affordable bundled service that includes washing your windows and doors, sills, screen door and railing. For the floor, we only use balcony floor machines that suck back any dirty water, deep cleaning your hard floor, no matter the material. We even wipe down any furniture you might have on your balcony.
Get rid of months or years of grime off your patio or balcony in one round.

We only use environmently friendly solutions.


Balcony Facelift

Balcony flooring, decking, and painting

Take your outdoor experience to the next level. Let us deck, tile or paint your balcony and see the difference. Choose from original cedar, long-lasting composite, recycled tiles, or epoxy painting.

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Why Balcony Cleaners?

  • We specialize in Balcony Cleaning

  • We abide by all condo by-laws

  • Affordable bundled services that offer peace of mind

  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

  • Satisfaction guaranteed*

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Love your Balcony

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Frequently asked questions

Why Balcony Cleaners?

We specialize in condo balcony cleaning. You are not supposed to use running water to clean your balcony as it spills water into your neighbours' balconies. We use special, commercial equipment that uses a tiny amount of water. After it cleans the floor, it collects back any excessive dirty water. We're called the Balcony Cleaners for a reason - This is what we do for a living.
Our balcony cleaning package includes: Washing of glass windows and doors, sills, screen doors, railing, Cleaning of Floor, we even wipe down any furtinure you might have on your balcony.
We do. You shouldn't try and clean soiled balconies yourself. Pigeon poop is toxic and we wear special equipment to be able to clean their mess. You still get the full balcony cleaning package.
On average it takes 2.5 hours to deep clean a balcony. Our specialists do not leave until your balcony has been fully detailed, so if your balcony is dirtier than usual, it might take longer.
Our specialists can accept debit or credit cards after the cleaning. You can reach out to us if you require an invoice.
We're proud of our work and want our customers to be 100% happy with the results. If they're are any concerns with the balcony cleaning, we will resend our specialists to address them free of charge.

Do you have more questions? Visit our full FAQ section or reach out to us.

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